IDE do ST(e)

Jest to schemat interfejsu IDE do komputerów ST(e). Całość obejmuje schemat ideowy i zawartość gali.
A teraz reszta po angielsku:

This interface will allow to connect IDE hard disks, CD ROM drives and other Atapi compatible devices to an Atari ST(E) computer. It is AHDI compatible, and all standard drivers should work on with it. Additional it supports optional ROM upgrade to TOS 2.06 (what is at address $E00000, and has 256KB size) in older (ST) machines, which have 192KB ROM at address $FC0000.

Opis schematu:
Note: Instead 74LS03 you may use any OC inverter. Instead 74HCT245 -74LS245 will be OK. Interface will work even without this two bus driver. This is recommended only in case when 2.5 inch drive is used in Atari's case, with short cable.
Lines CE1 & CE2 are for optional TOS 2.06 ROM chips, in ST machines. This is for solution with 4 pieces of 27512 EPROMs.
Of course all capacitors are ceramic, and must be soldered shortest possible.